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(Jan 02, 2018)
Happy New year!
(Jan 01, 2018)
Happy New Year!
(Dec 24, 2017)
Merry Christmas everyone!
(Nov 03, 2017)
Happy Cakeday Mirage :-)
(Oct 30, 2017)
I noticed the application Sint, thanks :)
(Oct 09, 2017)
and she eats by herself finally :)
(Oct 03, 2017)
Chani's back home :)
(Sep 28, 2017)
very bad news here for our cat atm... she's undergoing surgery right now... I don't know when we'll be on.
(Sep 23, 2017)
you can create a thread in the forum, Sint :) :
(Sep 22, 2017)
I'm volunteer
(Sep 22, 2017)
let me know leaders what is your point of view with this and if you would agree that someone has the responsibility of this kind of task
(Sep 22, 2017)
would be great to do like we did in the past with some foods (but this time with cordial HQ i.e)
(Sep 22, 2017)
how to help with some items people who are starting gathering and crafting jobs
(Sep 22, 2017)
hello folks, I would like to know if there's a specific page on the website where we can make some suggestion about how to use our FC's gils ?
(Sep 15, 2017)
Happy Birthday Kyth!
(Aug 28, 2017)
the pictures of the summer event and of our (Inzy and Nyli) wedding are online! :)
(Aug 18, 2017)
(Aug 15, 2017)
Congratulations Gfolk - We're #1 with the Twin Adder and #3 on the server in the new FC rankings! /cheer