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Gondwana Materia-Mart
* Only for Gondwana members!
We are offering our members a selection of materia at a discount (50% of current market price). Our airships regularly bring back a variety of Grade III, IV and V materia. We have a healthy supply of almost all kinds of materia.

Our Selection

Please check the Company Chest Page 3 for availability.


Why pay for materia?

Sending the company airships on expeditions requires regular repairs of the airship parts. Since high level parts are required to explore the high level sectors where these materia are found, several Airship Repair Materials are required to keep the airships in good working condition. While these are moderately easy to craft, they require lots of Grade 6 Dark Matter which we need to purchase with Gil. The Gil you spend to purchase materia from our selection contributes directly to covering these maintenance costs so that we can keep sending our airships on expeditions.

How are prices determined?

There is no fixed price list because the materia market is in constant flux. Instead, we have opted to sell the materia at a fraction of the current market price, determined on the spot, so that you may also get a discount on the current market price. Our current rate is 50% of current market price.

Can I use these materia any way I want?

You may purchase these materia for your own use to meld onto gear or sphere scrolls. We will not allow purchases with the intent of re-selling them on the market for personal profit. In addition, we ask that you do not purchase these materia to use in Transmutation as this would deplete the available stock unfairly.

How to place my order?

Contact a FC Leader (Wyrm or Wyvern ranks) or Officer (Zenith Drake rank) to purchase materia from the Company. The current market price will be verified on the spot and our discounted price will be calculated directly.

How many materia are available?

We choose not to disclose the exact number of materia available for sale on the website, however you can check the contents of the Company Chest at any time. We ask that you limit your orders to a maximum of 20 units of the same type of materia to ensure that others can also take advantage of the offer.
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