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The company workshop is now open to our members to work on projects for their personal homes. For example, if you want to build a mog-themed wall for your house, this is what you would use to do so.

A couple quick rules:
1. Ask a leader (Wyrm or Wyvern) or a Zenith Drake to start a project for you. They will check with you if the project is doable in a reasonable amount of time (see second rule).
2. There are multiple steps and many materials required to build your project. As a courtesy to our other members, try to be timely- A few days is okay (More info on this at the bottom.)
We suggest trying to prepare as many materials as possible in advance.

Need help using the workshop? Here's how, and you can always ask one of us for assistance.

Get to the workshop!
The workshop is located in the estate hall, through the door to the additional chambers at the back.

Look familiar?
There are various tools in here, including a schematic board, flight control panel, and fabrication station. What we'll focus on here is the fabrication station, as this is what you'll be using.

Let's get the ball rolling.
Get to the station and open up the company crafting log. You will be presented with 3 tabs for different project categories. You'll want to click housing.

Now, on the right side you will be shown a list of available projects. Let's say you want to build a mog motif for your quaint little cottage. Scroll down to "microscopically small mogwalls" and select it. To the right of the list, you'll now see the different phases and materials required. In this case, there are 3 phases for the first step.

Note that there are a lot of materials that go into completing the project. There are five steps for this, and each step has a number of phases. It's a good idea to get these ahead of time to speed it up, but you don't have to.

Recruit some help.
You will have to kidnap 3 other victims and stuff crafting hats over their heads. If they do not comply, bind them to the railing of the catwalk. That is to say, you must be in a party of four and all members must be on a crafting job. It is important to note that submitting some of the materials will require a crafting job above level 50, as high as 59. If you can, kidnap Inzy so he can literally do everything for you. Please contact Kyth for special patented burlap sacks for stuffing said master crafters into.

A general rule of thumb is that the higher the crafted item level is, the higher you'll need to be to turn it in. If you are unsure on what level one of the materials are, you can always consult with other members.

Build that Mogwall!
Once you have a handle on your materials and your trusty team of reliable crafters, it's time to start the project.

Under that same section that displays your needed materials, you can click Begin.

Click yes, and you will be brought to another prompt. This prompt will now be brought up whenever you use the fabrication station until you either finish or cancel the project.

2. View company crafting log will let you review the different phases.
3. Discontinue will cancel the project.
4. Nothing will simply cancel your interaction with the station.

And 1 is your meat and potatoes, NOT popotoes tyvm, let's focus on this now.

Here you will progress your project, but first let me go over what this stuff means.
a. This is the current stage you are in.
b. This is the phase you are in. In this case, there are 3 phases. After you have given all the materials below, there are 2 more sets to go.
c. This matteres more for airship construction. However, there is a small chance higher quality will lower materials required for the next phase.
d. This is the crafter level required to hand in the item.
e. How many of given material you will hand in at a time, and
f. The total amount of the material required.

As you can see, there's a total of 60 materials required for phase 1 alone! Holy crap. Past this point there will be no pictures because I'm not building this.

Nope. But you can!

This is tedious...
As you submit the materials, the orb at the station will glow and pulse. You're doin' this right! Once you are done, you will have completed the phase and can move onto the next.
At this point, the model inside the orb will change as you proceed to add the next set of materials.
Once you have finished all phases, you will have to move on to the next stage.

This will take a while. Feel free to take a break and tell Inzy to do it. That's why you purchased my burlap sack, right?

OK! You have finished all stages? But wait! you don't have the fruit of your labor? Never fear. Remember that prompt from before? The one where you could cancel the project if needed. There is now a new option listed there to collect the finished item- Do so and congrats! You're done! Get some chips, or crisps, or whatever the heck you call em. I won't apologize.

Any suggestions?
Or errors? Shoot me a tell ingame (Kytheren Kenni) or send me a message on the website if I'm being particularly flakey playing CSGO. I won't bite.

One last thing...
Considering our other members, we must have a policy in place regarding seemingly abandoned projects left open. Of course you wouldn't do anything like that, but juuuust in case...

If a project is left unfinished for a substantial amount of time, or if we have need of it for the company soon, you will receive a reminder from a leader to try to finish up. A friendly one, we promise. However, in the unfortunate event that you pull a Kenni and don't login all week with the project left open we'll have to either abandon it for you or finish it up in order to sell, depending on the total progress. If you've a lot invested in it, we will share the profit of your portion as long as we know who started the project.

That about wraps this up. Lalafell master race.
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