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Nova Wyrm
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Greeting Gondwana,

Free Company actions grant buffs to all members of our Free Company for a duration of 24 hours. As a rank 8 FC, we can activate 2 FC actions a day.

Wyrms, Wyverns, Zenith Drakes and Azimuth drakes have the permissions in game to activate them. Wyrms, Radiant Wyverns and Zenith Drakes can also deactivate them.

There are 3 grades of FC actions : I, II and III. Grade I and II can be either purchased at our Grand Company (Gridania) or obtained by charging and using grade I and II Aetherial Wheels. Grade I and II Aetherial Wheels can be crafted by a single player, please refer to this thread to discover how. Grade III FC actions can only be obtained by charging and using grade III Aetherial Wheels that can only be crafted in the FC workshop by at least a party of 4 players (all DoH) please refer to this thread to know how.

Until further notice, we focus on grade II and grade III FC actions. As we have enough FC credits to purchase grade II FC actions, that is the method we prefer to get them, so we craft and charge only grade III Aetherial Wheels for now.

You may have noticed there is a good variety of free company actions. In order to take the greatest advantages of them and of their diversity, we propose to follow a schedule regarding to FC buffs. Please note that this schedule can be temporarily changed at the start of a new expansion or during some specific events. in such a case, you'll find an announcement above the calendar on the website.

We recommend the following use :
  • Monday : Focus on actions useful for Disciples of the Land (please, choose 2 actions among the 3 following ones)
    • Earth and Water
    • Live off the Land
    • What You See
  • Tuesday : Focus on actions useful for Disciples of the Hand :
    • Helping Hand
    • Eat from the Hand
    • In Control
  • Wednesday : Focus on a "Monetary bonus" and the second action of your choice
    • Seal Sweetener
  • Thursday : another "Monetary bonus" and the second action of your choice
    • Mark Up
  • Friday : Focus on XP! (level up time!)
    • A Man's Best Friend
    • The Heat of Battle
  • Saturday : To the Gold Saucer! Save or spend coins ;)
    • Jackpot
    • Reduce Rates
  • Sunday : Time to take care of yourself!
    • Meat and Mead
    • Proper Care

Of course, this schedule is already in the calendar ;) Thank you in advance for being attentive to the set actions :)
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