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how can i join?

I'm looking for english speaking FC in masamune.A little about me: I'm an indonesian player, but i can read and speak english. I have a character in NA server, but now i want to switch to JP server because the ping is better. I have seen one of yo...
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Interested in joining but...

But.. I don't have any characters on Masamune (or any worlds), therefore I can't hit the "Apply" button just yet.I found your FC? ( is that the term used for guilds in FFXIV? ) on the main FFXIV forums.A little background about me. Nationality: J...
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ATT: Australian Players!

Hi everyone! My name is Crevan Azure (Tyrone; for those of you that don't know me).I am currently studying my fourth year in Psychology at Federation University in Australia, Victoria, as part of the Gaming Research Group. The Gaming Research Grou...
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