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Gondwana Guide
Reference Spreadsheets & Maps
ARR Skills Database
DoL Gear, Stats & Food
Food Spreadsheet
Fishing Tackle by Duuude Bismark
Unspoilt Node Locations by Technyze
Gathering Maps by Nakomaru

Gear and Stat Calculators
Gear Calculator
Anima 3.3 exchange
Best in slot

Minion Locations & quests

Battle Guides
Ifrit (Hard) Guide by Davea of War
FATE Grinding Guide by Rezno

Blue mage guides
BLU Masked Carnivale guide
How to get the BLU magics:

List of BLU spells

A Miner Reborn
A Botanist Reborn

Hunting Logs (There's obviously ones for each of the classes)

Disciples of the Land/Hand
Gathering Location Spreadsheet & Gathering Post (1015)
• 2nd post (minor difference 8 points) Gathering Post (1051)
* Adjusting to ARR Fishing Gathering Post (1133)

• Adjusting to ARR Crafting, from this guide:
If you do a leve and trade in only HQ items;
1) Leve XP, Gil reward + 200% bonus XP & gil

[Not Dependent on HQ]
2) "Extend your Contract" (repeat the leve using no additional leve allowance)
This Can Be Twice, for a total of 9 items

In-Depth Crafting Mechanics by Sinbois
NPC Pricing & Crafting guide by Ryahl of Erozea Reborn

Elite Monsters and other hunts

Retainer ventures

Sightseeing log
Sighseeing Heavensward spreadsheet
Sightseeing log Stormblood

The Greatest Story Never Told

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