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Materia Melding Guide by Abaddon

What to look into before considering your trade-ins!
a suprising amount of things to consider.

with the slew of options coming in phase 4 for re-adjusting your gear, there are a lot more things to take into consideration than we realized!

1) the sheer number of slots potentially available.
2) item level, and how it can make all the difference in your gear. good and bad.

First off, the slots.
items with 2 initial slots, 5 : 20 slots.
items with 1 initial slot, 7: 13 slots.

without taking any risk. you have 33 material slots...:B

at a 28%-40% success rate per piece of equipment : 45 slots. 3 slots on main gear, 2 slots on accessories & tools
at a 14%-26% rate for success : 57 slots. (1.0 double meld standard) 4 slots on main gear, 3 slots on accessories & tools
at a 7%-12% rate for success : 69 slots. (1.0 triple meld standard) 5 slots on main gear, 4 slots on accessories & tools

also note that the percentages are estimates. I will attempt to properly analyze this in the coming test week.
based on the rates others have had with there melding attempts, this is what I would assume.

:\ ridiculous. :D amazingly helpful if done right.

disclaimer: by no means am I saying fully 5x slot your gear. I will probably only be doing the first or second options myself. depending on the class and abilities to consider, this just means you may only need 1 piece of gear with advanced melds. with rarer gear (including body pieces and af) not having any slots, this makes it possible to put a few more points in what you need :D


a thought on slots:
while the sheer number of slots makes you think that this will make you an unstoppable juggernaut, not exactly. there are things to take into consideration, like the overall caps on stats, and the item level restrictions saving us from the types in my example below.
this will make thing far more interesting, and I hope won't be too confusing or overwhelming. hopefully it will make it a more exciting ( and less soulcrushing ) experience.

a thought on item level:
This is going to play a pivital role in properly analyzing your gear and 'stat caps' beforehand.
having the ability to 4x meld material for the %'s of 1.0 is going to make it very interesting, but item level is a separate cap on equipment to prevent overpowered equipment ( ie: +50 strength gauntlets ). This is a great feature but it will be important to take more consideration to what you affix. the tiers seem to be 1/2 the max 1.0 material grades also to offset this.

It will make gearing far more interesting. and possible to 'cover all of your bases' when it comes to things like critical rate, cp, craftsmanship, ect; and not just stacking you gear with tier 5 stat (mind,str,dex,ect) materia.

~-~-~-~-<3 (*v * - Inaeri