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(Jan 07, 2019)
patch 4.5 notes enjoy!
(Sep 18, 2018)
last patch notes :)
(Aug 25, 2018)
We're going to Dortmund this weekend we'll be back sunday evening. Have fun and take care!
(Aug 18, 2018)
... I think you just started a rumor ;)
(Aug 17, 2018)
In before i have not quit 14
(Aug 17, 2018)
Hey guys! I still alive not dead yet. Currently playing WoW will be contactable either on companion app, whatsapp or FB
(Aug 14, 2018)
Thank you for this Shallan! :)
(Jul 29, 2018)
We 3 agree to wait for August to continue together :)
(Jul 28, 2018)
We understand, do not worry with that, Shallan and thanks a lot for informing us :)
(Jul 27, 2018)
@mastanylinzy, sorry i cant continue our HoH party, my sub currently expired... will be back around august... go on without me...
(Jun 12, 2018)
By the way, Naughty-Bouy finally unlocked the new zone so we'll get our 3rd submarine very soon... It's time to think about a new name, guys!
(Jun 10, 2018)
Happy birthday o Scar and Blazel!
(May 22, 2018)
Holy crap, new crafting gear for EVERY SLOT T_T
(May 21, 2018)
While you wait: Patch 4.3 Notes
(May 21, 2018)
Thanks for all the lala photos Shallan!
(May 14, 2018)
(May 14, 2018)
imma be away for 1-2 weeks.. going backpacking! see ya when i'm back!! :)
(Apr 30, 2018)
fixing what I can, but I have no control over the content the Youtube script pushes forward.
(Apr 29, 2018)
The site is now running under https! you might still encounter some “unsecure content” on some pages though these warnings are only due to images loaded by some pages, like the YouTube thumbnails on the left, nothing to worry about. Enjoy!
(Apr 29, 2018)
No worries Jogabz, everyone needs some rest for time to time. As I said, I'm going nowhere, just transferring some responsibilities to Inzy