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(Apr 11, 2019)
apologies for the extended downtime, there seems to have been an unusual delay in DNS propagation.
(Mar 05, 2019)
nice to see you post here, Bob ;)
(Mar 05, 2019)
hi fellas, long time haven't been here. If any has WVR desymth, pls lemme know. Also pls reply to facebook post instead since it's easier to monitor there. Thx. :)
(Feb 08, 2019)
enjoy, Asbel :)
(Feb 06, 2019)
I wont be online for the next 12days. will be oversea
(Jan 07, 2019)
patch 4.5 notes enjoy!
(Sep 18, 2018)
last patch notes :)
(Aug 25, 2018)
We're going to Dortmund this weekend we'll be back sunday evening. Have fun and take care!
(Aug 18, 2018)
... I think you just started a rumor ;)
(Aug 17, 2018)
In before i have not quit 14
(Aug 17, 2018)
Hey guys! I still alive not dead yet. Currently playing WoW will be contactable either on companion app, whatsapp or FB
(Aug 14, 2018)
Thank you for this Shallan! :)
(Jul 29, 2018)
We 3 agree to wait for August to continue together :)
(Jul 28, 2018)
We understand, do not worry with that, Shallan and thanks a lot for informing us :)
(Jul 27, 2018)
@mastanylinzy, sorry i cant continue our HoH party, my sub currently expired... will be back around august... go on without me...
(Jun 12, 2018)
By the way, Naughty-Bouy finally unlocked the new zone so we'll get our 3rd submarine very soon... It's time to think about a new name, guys!
(Jun 10, 2018)
Happy birthday o Scar and Blazel!
(May 22, 2018)
Holy crap, new crafting gear for EVERY SLOT T_T
(May 21, 2018)
While you wait: Patch 4.3 Notes