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(Aug 22, 2021)
The FC anniversary pictures are online!
(Mar 01, 2021)
The FC actions schedule has been edited, please check the calendar!
(Nov 23, 2020)
I not dead yet. Just busy. Love you guys deep deep
(Feb 21, 2020)
Artoria is looking for a melee for a static (and 2 would be even better) contact him for further information!
(Jan 01, 2020)
Happy New Year!
(Dec 25, 2019)
Merry Christmas everyone!
(Nov 01, 2019)
are you back in game?
(Nov 01, 2019)
Wow, hello Dovont, it has been ages!
(Oct 31, 2019)
Nevermind... just read it..
(Oct 31, 2019)
What does it mean to be a Wormhole Drake? Older than dirt?
(Sep 12, 2019)
Hey guys! Just an update. I am not dead. Just been busy between work, school and social life
(Aug 30, 2019)
Hi Xen! Thanks for passing by!
(Aug 29, 2019)
heyyy guys just checking wazzup :) i miss you all and hope the gates will be thrown wide open for JP data centers
(Aug 14, 2019)
back home!
(Aug 10, 2019)
Just passing by to say hello :) hope you're doing well ! kisses from heaven !!!
(Aug 06, 2019)
Soooooooo, Inzy and I won't be able to play from the 7th to the 14th of August... meanwhile, have fun and take care everyone! /blowkiss
(Jun 27, 2019)
2) For the following weeks, we will change the FC actions schedule : The Heat of Battle and Reduce Rates everyday! See you after the maintenance! As always, have fun and take care everyone! /blowkiss
(Jun 27, 2019)
Hello everyone! Two things : 1) we got an application to the FC, the applicant was not online but if someone could try to contact them just before or after the maintenance, i will appreciate :)
(Jun 07, 2019)
Sorry, I completely forgot to advertize the mae it rain campain one time :( Here is the link